Tunisian men and women,

Tunisia has succeeded in setting the foundations of its nascent democratic system by writing a consensual constitution, dismantling the structures of authoritarian rule, reversing the collapse of the national economy and beginning to reform and stimulate it, despite many obstacles. Today, our country is about to embark on the mission of catalyzing the economy and development revival, finally overcoming the heritage of dictatorship and the failure of the previous model of development to fulfill the people’s needs for development, employment and reduction of inequalities between regions and groups.

The new Tunisia has a big dream:

– To complete the achievement of the aims of the revolution.
– To achieve economic prosperity for all its daughters and sons and social justice between regions and groups.
– To establish security and stability.
– To protect rights and personal and collective freedoms.
– To root new generations in their Arab-Muslim culture.
– To achieve integration into its regional and international environment and build an active and effective diplomacy.

Ennahdha Party, as the continuation of the reform school in our country, is proud to be part of this nation that sparked the revolution of freedom and dignity. It is proud to have always been at the forefront of the struggle against the regime of dictatorship and corruption, and to have contributed to managing the transition phase, building the foundations of a democratic system and preserving national unity.

Ennahdha Party is proud to present to you its electoral lists for the legislative elections of 26 October 2014. We express our gratitude for the trust you put in us in the elections of 23 October 2011, and are mindful of your aspirations and the magnitude of the responsibility we would bear as one of the main national actors in ensuring the success of the democratic transition and achieving economic prosperity and social harmony.

In that quest, we will make use of what we have gained from the previous phase – the expertise gained in understanding the challenges facing the country and the ability to competently manage crises as part of a political approach based on placing the nation’s interest above all other considerations, preserving the people’s unity and achieving national consensus.

We present ourselves to you and ask you to renew your trust in us at the 26 October 2014 elections. We ask you to vote for our list and our programme and what it seeks to achieve:


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A Thriving National Economy

An economy based on social capitalism that promotes personal initiative and grants the state a regulatory role, combining economic effectiveness and social responsibility.

We have prepared a plan for an economic resurgence that is based on developing infrastructure, stimulating private investment in major projects, and digitising the administration. We have also prepared a programme for developing employment, which aims to reduce unemployment to half its current rate. The priorities of our economic programme include consolidation of national sovereignty over natural resources, which would contribute to the development of the economic cycle, and the reduction of debt to below 45% in the medium term.

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A Secure Nation and a Just State

We seek to establish the supremacy of the rule of law, combating terrorism and continuing reform of the security and judicial systems. We will support our security and judicial systems to combat terrorist threats, organised crime and trafficking as part of a comprehensive approach that respects security, rights and freedoms, takes into consideration cultural, educational and social dimensions in countering the phenomenon of terrorism, and protects society from extremism and deviation.

A Foreign Policy based on Economic Diplomacy

In order to serve the country’s interests and provide new opportunities for investment and employment, we will develop our economic diplomacy within a framework of mutual respect and common interests. In this context, we will work to strengthen Maghreb relations and Arab cooperation, develop our African and Asian relationships, and develop our relationship with our European partners.

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A Mutually Supportive Society in a Sound Environment

We believe Tunisia best thrives with a mutually supportive society and a sound environment based on embedding the foundations of social justice, where all citizens – men and women – enjoy a dignified life and social prosperity. In this context, we aim to support and expand women’s achievements, guarantee effective youth participation in political and social life, and protect family stability. We also propose a number of measures aimed at reforming the health and social welfare systems. We will also update urban development and support mechanisms that guarantee the provision of adequate housing and clean neighbourhoods and address dangers threatening the environment.

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A Democratic Society and a Transitional Justice Process

We will ensure the success of the democratic process by supporting the consensual participatory model we have already developed, completing the building of constitutional commissions, supporting civil society and achieving a fair transitional justice process as a step towards national reconciliation.

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An Effective Educational System and Advanced Scientific Research

We believe reforming the systems of education, vocational training and scientific research must be part of a comprehensive coherent approach that takes into consideration the development of scientific and pedagogical methods, the needs of the job market and the demographic evolution of Tunisian society. In this context, we will increase the budget for scientific research, improve the conditions of educational institutions, double university student grants and increase the number of beneficiaries of such grants.

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Creative Culture and Sports for All

We will work towards improving the material and moral conditions of artists and creative professions and preserving their dignity by providing support, health and social care, strengthening the creative cultural and artistic scene, and promoting cultural industries in order to transform Tunisia into an attractive destination for international cultural investment. We will also seek to develop individual and collective sports and improve their infrastructure in order to cater for all youth, train them, direct their energies and develop their talents.

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A Moderate Understanding and a Balanced Practice of Religion

Ennahdha Party believes in a revivalist reading of religion that combines attachment to principles and positive interaction with contemporary needs. We will implement the articles of the Constitution related to educating new generations in their culture, developing the religious discourse and updating the Zaytouna University in order for it to contribute to the development of citizens who are proud of their heritage, open to the world, and positively engaged in their contemporary era.

Tunisia’s Youth: The Pillar of the Revolution and Builders of the Nation

Only with youth and through youth can the process of creating wealth, combating poverty and ignorance and reducing unemployment be successful. Our tool towards that will be a genuine partnership in setting national policies and models in order to renew our leadership capacities and develop our country.

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Tunisia’s Women in All Fields and Positions

All Tunisian women, in villages and cities, professionals, workers in factories or fields and homemakers, are crucial to creating Tunisia’s renaissance. We will strengthen the achievements of Tunisian women, work to put an end to all forms of injustice and discrimination against them, and guarantee their full participation in managing the public sphere at all levels.

Tunisian men and women,

It is time for Tunisia to rise to join the ranks of developed democratic states, having broken with dictatorship through a popular revolution and a new constitution. The way for all of us to preserve our free will is to engage positively and go to the ballot box in order to choose those most able, truthful, competent, and trustworthy to represent you in the new Parliament, in order to build the new Tunisia and definitively end the system of dictatorship and corruption.

Tunisian men and women,

Ennahdha Party proposes to you its programme for leading the coming phase. We value all the sacrifices made by Tunisians and are proud of all the country’s martyrs, those who fought against occupation, those who struggled against dictatorship and injustice, and the brave army and security officers who were martyred while combating terrorism. We pray for all their souls, and we feel the magnitude of the responsibility on our shoulders to contribute to the achievement of what they had aspired to and for which they sacrificed. We stress that our country is embarking on a phase of sacrifice and hard work, which requires consensus, cooperation and unity among all its people.

God says: “Cooperate in goodness and piety, and do not cooperate in evil and aggression”.

Long Live Tunisia, free, independent and democratic
Glory be to the martyrs

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