Ennahdha (Renaissance) party is a Tunisian political party with an Islamic frame of reference. It was established in 1981 and joined the generations of Tunisians who struggled against dictatorship and for freedom and justice, experiencing repression and persecution under the former regime. The party received official legal status on 1 March 2011 following the Tunisian Revolution, under the Decree of September 24, 2011. Its aim is to contribute to building a modern Tunisia, a thriving democratic republic based on the rule of law and values ​​of citizenship, freedom, rights and responsibilities, and whose citizens can enjoy dignity, equality and social justice. Its vision of Tunisia is as an open country with a free and open economy and strong welfare state based on social solidarity, hard work and enterprise within a united Maghreb and Arab world and close cooperation with Europe and all peoples within the framework of mutual respect.


The Party is composed of the following:


  1. Local branches – made up of local members of the party.
  2. Regional offices – coordinate the work of the local branches.
  3. The National Conference, the highest body in the party, made up of elected representatives of party members, the Chair of the party, the Chair of the Consultative Council and members of the Executive Committee.
  4. Consultative Council, made up of 150 members – two-thirds elected by secret ballot by the National Conference and one third appointed by the elected members of the National Conference in order to achieve fair regional, gender and youth representation and a range of competence and skills.
  5. Chair of the party – elected by the Consultative Council through secret ballot, by simple majority.
  6. Executive Committee – nominated by the Chair of the Party and appointed by the Consultative Council by simple majority.
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