Ennahdha Party is committed to the following values, as embodied in its Constitution, statements and 2011 and 2014 electoral programmes.

  1. Tunisia as a free sovereign and independent state, with Islam as its religion, Arabic as its language, Republicanism as its system, and the achievement of the objectives of the Revolution of Dignity as its priority.
  2. A democratic republic as the best guarantor of public and private freedoms, balanced distribution of powers between state institutions, independence of the judiciary, and peaceful alternation of power through free, fair and pluralistic elections.
  3. Democratic governance and the rule of law as the best foundations for sound management of the country’s wealth for the benefit of its people, in order to guarantee a dignified life for all, including employment, health, education and respect for the principles of human rights without discrimination on the basis of gender, colour, belief or status, including the affirmation of women’s rights to equality, education, employment and participation in public life.
  4. The preservation of the spirit of dialogue and coexistence among all Tunisians without exclusion or discrimination.
  5. Islam as a point of reference that is balanced, moderate and in harmony with human reason.
  6. Arabic language and literature as a tool of communication and a culture, while opening up to and interacting with all world languages and cultures.
  7. Inclusive economic development that meets the aspirations of our people for dignity and equality, balances economic, social, cultural and environmental dimensions and provides decent employment, comprehensive and balanced regional development, combats corruption, fosters investment in all sectors and fields and deepens and expands relations of cooperation and partnership with neighbouring and friendly countries. We believe in a free economy with a strong social dimension, based on the integration of the private, public and cooperative sectors, free enterprise and fair competition.
  8. A welfare state that provides the conditions for a dignified life and prosperity for our people – access to employment, education, health care, housing and a safe and clean environment.
  9. An autonomous and vibrant civil society that is independent from the state and that liberates and develops the energy and potential of individuals so as to provide a strong guarantee against all forms of despotism and injustice.
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A meeting with doctor Habib Lejmi in Frankfurt City, Germany.

Ennahdha candidate in Germany Doctor Habib Lejmi met some of the Tunisian citizens on Tuesday, October 14th, within the frame of his field visit, and for further communication with the Tunisian community in the city of Frankfurt,

Cheikh Rached Ghanouchi and M. Amer Laarayedh meeting with M. Houcine Abassi

On Monday morning October 13, 2014, Sheikh Rashid Ghannouchi, president of Ennahdha movement, accompanied by Mr. Amer Laarayedh – member of the executive bureau and Ennahdha representative at the national dialogue – met with Mr. Houcine Abbassi, Secretary General of the Tunisian General Labor Union, to discuss the general situation in the country and discuss […]

The Secretary-General of Ennahdha Movement meets the member of the political bureau of Hamas.

The secretary general of Ennahdha Movement brother Ali Laaridh along with his deputy brother Noureddine Behiri and members of the executive party sister Wassila Zoghlemi and brother Mohamed Akrout have met Mr. Ossama Hamdan member of the political bureau of Hamas along with the representative of Hamas in Lebanon Mr. Ali Baraka on Wednesday October 1st.

Ennahdha celebrates success of Tunisian democracy

Samir Dilou hosted in Mater, in Bizerte political café

Former minister and Bizerte candidate in the legislative elections Samir Dilou took part in an open discussion with the residents of the town of Mateur in a “political café”. Mr Dilou discussed the electoral programme of Ennahdha Party in Bizerte with residents answered their questions about Ennahdha’s future social and economic policies

Conclusion of Mannouba election campaign, with participation of former PM Ali Laarayedh, in Oued Ellil

On Thursday 23 October, at 6 p.m., The constituency of Mannouba in Greater Tunis will hold a public meeting to conclude its election campaign, with the participation of the candidates of Mannouba as well as former Prime Minister Ali Laarayedh.

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